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Café Les Amis


Café Les Amis is a very pleasant place located in the most famous Kids Mall in Kuwait Discovery.

Café Les Amis offers an inviting- laid back atmosphere where you can enjoy a delicious roasted coffee, tea, cold drink, sandwich, salad, sweet, and .....lots of happiness.

Try a cup of our weekly special Brew or freeze Smoothies and, dont forget to check out our menu of all delicious treats for adults and children.

By leaving your business card, our staff might call you back to offer you a free drink on your next visit.

We look forward to meeting all the new faces and becoming a part of everyones daily routine!

Contact us

Tel : 96005064, 96005065, 96005066
Fax: +965 22 913 668
Email : contact@cafelesamis.com
Website: www.cafelesamis.com