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Synergy Plus is part of Kuwait Wind General Trading and Contracting Company.

We represents a large number of Organic and Natural Skin Care products with very limited chemicals. All the brands represented are for + in Kuwait and its region. A team of ambitious, experienced sales representatives cover all the Groups of Pharmacies, Independent Pharmacies, Hospitals, Private Clinics and a variety of retail shops. The cosmetic center also operates with hair salons and gyms in Kuwait and its regions as well as independent drugstores and regional retailers throughout the Middle East.

Our goal is to use the most modern technologies to ensure that the best Cosmetics, Skin Care and Body Care products become available for the customers/patients all over Kuwait and its region. We focus on product selection, customer satisfaction, strategic +, store concentration and aggressive marketing to create a competitive advantage over normal cosmetic product retailers. We believe Organic, Natural and products with the less chemicals are the new Normal Cosmetic and Skin Care products. We work closely with Pharmacies mainly because Pharmacists don’t sell you just a product, they sell you a Solution !

What Makes Synergy + Different ?

To live longer and healthier, your dietician will tell you to stop fast food ! For a healthier skin and longer young skin, we tell you to stop feeding your skin with Chemicals ! Synergy + is a dedicated and quality oriented company. Our preferences go to Organic, Natural, and products with the least chemicals possible because we believe that they are more effective and they make the skin live longer.

Know what you put on your skin on daily basis !

Luckily, there are numerous of natural products that you can use for your skin to keep it looking its finest. The options are endless ! We represent the best !

Natural and Organic skin care products are only for the one who cares to look younger for much longer! Most creams on the market show their results on 20 years-old young ladies. Our Manufacturers have proven results on real women.

Who do we represent ?

We are very selective as for the brands we represent in Kuwait. The cosmetic, skin care and body care products we are representing in Kuwait are composed with the most natural ingredients. We don’t like to eat chemicals, so why would we put them on our skin ? When Natural, free chemicals creams with more effective effects on our skin are available to hydrate, re-firm and reduce allergies, why going for less ?
Most commercial products on the market contain many ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. Synergy + looks for not only the most effective creams, serums to protect your skin, keep you look younger longer but also products that support the environment.
Natural and Organic skin care products are the new normal products. No one want synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms on its skin. We select the creams we represent by their ingredients/composition/formulations. And very important too, by the results they have already proven in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Who do we present our products to ?

Our main customers are Hospitals, Pharmacies, Private Clinics and Dermatologist eager to prescribe the most natural, effective products possible to their patient. You can’t solve a skin problem with a full chemical cream. You’ll only generate a new problem. With natural, and free chemicals products, you solve the issue effectively and for life.

Synergy + represent and distribute products with a real solution to all your skin concerns. Fantastic, Authentic Cosmetic and Skin Care products.

Products you have never seen in Kuwait before !

Mazaya Tower 02-14th floor – Sharq – Tel.: +965 22 270 181 – P.O. Box: 5926 – Safat 13060 - Kuwait

Email: contact@synergy-kw.com Website: www.synergy-kw.com